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The 2007 3-Series is part of a generation of cars that BMW redesigned in 2006, adding cleaner lines and more powerful engines. However, the 3-series’ history of stellar performance goes back much further. Introduced in 1975, the 3-Series is BMW’s most popular model, and like its predecessors, the 2007 BMW 3-Series is an award-winning car. Car and Driver gave the 3-Series one of its 10 Best Car awards for 2007, further claiming that «constant upgrades have kept the 3-series on our 10 Best list for a record 16 consecutive years.» Edmunds named it «Most Wanted Sedan under $35,000» and Consumer Guide calls it a «Best Buy.» The 3-Series also won the «World Car of the Year» award at the 2006 New York Auto Show.

The 3-Series is one of the pricier cars in the upscale midsize class, but for many buyers it’s worth the extra cost. «Fully deserving of its popularity, the 2007 BMW 3-Series [...]

A fixture in commercial fleets across the U.S., the Ford Econoline Cargo van is also a popular choice among independent contractors and small-business owners who need a roomy vehicle to transport equipment between job sites. Ford says it has sold more than 6 million Econolines since the full-size, rear-drive van’s introduction for 1961. Thanks to low pricing, strong reliability ratings and a varied engine lineup, the 2007 Ford Econoline Cargo remains a viable choice among cargo vans, despite its aged underpinnings.

All Ford cargo vans ride on a 138-inch wheelbase, but you’ll want to study the offerings carefully, based on the dimensions and weight of the gear you need to carry. The E-Series lineup starts out with the half-ton E-150, which will be more than adequate for many buyers, given its minimum 1,800-pound payload rating. For those who require a heavier-duty vehicle, there’s the 3/4-ton E-250 and a 20-inch-longer version called the E-250 Extended, which [...]

Price Out the Door!!! No Dealer Fee.
This vehicle had one previous owner.
No Accidents Reported. Great Car.
Clean Title. No Mechanicals Problems.
Bank Financing Available.

One definition of «element» is a small but significant presence of an abstract quality; another is a substance or primary constituent that can’t be broken down into a simpler form. Both meanings describe the spirit of the 2009 Honda Element compact crossover SUV, a back-to-basics interpretation of the compact crossover genre. Having made its debut way back in 2003, the Element’s tall, funky-looking body has become a more common sight these days, particularly in regions where outdoor activities reign supreme. Despite its advancing age, this quirky but useful cube on wheels remains an appealing vehicular solution for the young and young-at-heart alike.

The 2010 Honda Civic is a fine pick if you’re shopping for a used compact car. Available as a two-door coupe or four-door sedan, the Civic boasts robust safety scores, balanced handling, a refined drivetrain, and good fuel economy. The Civic sedan earns praise for its comfortable ride and roomy interior

The ES 300 featured more room and amenities than its predecessors, and the exceptional ride quality was of course unaltered. Sticker price reflected the revisions, as Lexus attempted to establish the ES as more of a peer of the LS 430.
For the last time, the ES 300 housed a 3.0 liter V-6. This engine made 210 horsepower and 220 pound-feet of torque. The 0-60 mph mark remained at about eight and a half seconds. The engine utilized Toyota’s Variable Valve Timing technology, which improved power, fuel efficiency, and emissions. Fuel economy was observed at 21/29 mpg. This third generation of ES also saw a transmission grade, from a four to a five-speed automatic.

With the 2011 X3, BMW is hoping to fully make amends. This redesigned X3 is about the same size as the first-generation model but features notable mechanical revisions. Under the more dynamic looking sheet metal is a redesigned suspension that softens the stiff ride of its predecessor. The X3 is still plenty taut and inspired in corners, aided by all-wheel drive, but now provides a more compliant ride. An optional adaptive suspension allows the driver to select from three different modes calibrating suspension, throttle, transmission and stability control settings.

This year also brings a second trim level to the lineup. The xDrive28i ostensibly replaces last year’s xDrive30i, and offers slightly less power, but also a slimmer entry fee. The xDrive35i, with its turbocharged, 300-horsepower six-cylinder engine, is the target to which to aspire. Both models get a new eight-speed transmission, which rows through gears in a quiet fury to reach cruising speed. And when you [...]

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